Value Added Services

We offer several value-added services that can enhance the processing of your product.

  • Chamfering
  • Turning
  • Precision sawcutting
  • Demagnetization
  • Plating/Coating sourced through proven partnerships with trusted vendors
  • Honing/ID Grinding
  • Logistics

Additional details about these services below.


Chamfered bar can decrease vibration and improve production flow when using bar feeds and/or bushings. We can offer both machined chamfer or broken edge.  Broken edge chamfer is a hand ground chamfer that has not been produced to a dimensional specification.


Machined OD: .250 to 3.00 OD Diameter capacity

Machined Options: 30 degree or 45 degree chamfer

Non-machined chamfer: A broken edge chamfer is an efficient add-on to our grinding process. It is a quick and cost-effective option


Solid bar, bolts, pipe and tubing.


C3A ChamferMate


Need to move current stock, but you do not have the exact-sized product your customer needs on the floor. Turning can reduce costs and lead times on heavy stock removal of these items and help you gain the sale. Let us help convert your oversized stock to the product your customer needs.


OD:  2.500” to 6.000”/+6.000” to 12.000”

Lengths: up to 35 feet / up to 12 feet


33- X200 Summit Engine Lathe

Precision Sawcutting

We offer tight tolerance, single bar or production quantity processing. Let’s talk about your job.


OD: up to 9.000” OD

Lengths: up to 24 feet

Tolerance: +/-.005 and greater


Hydmech Precision Saw


Typical Applications: Removing residual magnetism in parts intended for use near magnetic instrumentation. Demagnetizing parts with bearing or journal surfaces. Demagnetizing parts after contact with magnetic chucks or lifting magnets. Demagnetizing parts before processing through CNC equipment.


OD: bundles up to 36’’

Lengths: 10 to 40 feet


Demagnetizing Coils

ELMATCO Degaussatron II

We can offer a quick turnaround process that will get you back to production.

Honing/ID Grinding

Through an external vendor partnership, we can achieve various specifications for your needs.

Honing Capabilities

1.5” – 2” diameters up to 24’ lengths.

2” – 18.5” diameters up to 30’ lengths.

Sunnen hones for small bore honing.

Equipment – 6 long stroke horizontal honing machines

ID Grinding

0.5” – 22” inside diameters and up to 16” depths

Equipment – 5 internal grinders for custom work


Whether it’s our truck or one of our logistics partners, we want to help get product to your door in a timely manner, safe and secure.

Ready to get started? to discuss the specific option(s) applicable to your project. Put our expertise to work for you.

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