Precision Straightening

Precision straightening is a process performed on rolled stock and machined parts to eliminate distortions and warpage that occur because of imperfections in manufacturing methods, operational overloads, or other factors including heat treatment processing.

Press Straightening: the bar is placed on two supports and force applied to the uneven surface causes elastoplastic deflection.

Roll Straightening: the bar moves in an axial direction and undergoes repeated elastoplastic deflection. The ovality of cross sections of bodies of revolution is eliminated at the same time by the spiral motion.


Improved processing time, consistent product throughout length, along with our centerless grinding process, results in superior quality, performance and product life. Straightness is a critical quality for many applications so it should be noted that straightness can be a perishing quality. Storage conditions, material movement and machining can adversely affect straightness.

Capabilities Hydraulic Press Production Straightening
OD .500″ to 10.0000″ .375″ to 2.500″
Lengths 12 inches to 50 feet Up to 50 feet
Typical Tolerances .005/42″; .0015 tir/ft
Quantities Single bar to truckload

Straightening Equipment


  • 35 Ton Hydraulic Press
  • 75 Ton Hydraulic Press
  • 250 Ton Hydraulic Press


  • ‘0’ Roll Straightener
  • ‘1’ Roll Straightener

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