Parts Machining and Fasteners

We have been finish grinding parts and fasteners for over a decade. Our employee retention record ensures that we keep experience and continually improve the process. Not only can we offer the exacting tolerances and polished surface finishes required, we can machine a fully completed part.

Parts Machining

Parts machining includes turning, milling, drilling, threading of bar material to detailed specifications.

Typical Products

Pins, Bushing, Gears


Materials: Brass, Bronze, Carbon, Stainless and Nickel Alloys

OD: .562’’ to 2.000”

Lengths: 12 inches to 30 feet

Tolerance: .0005 and greater*

Surface Finish: 8 and greater micro surface finish*

Quantities: Single bar to truckload

Equipment: Mazak Quick Turn 250U with bar feeder, Mazak VCN-530C Smooth Mill 3 axis machine

*Specific tolerance would be based on incoming material size and condition.


Fasteners can come in a wide range of different sizes and shapes and the team at Tulsa Centerless is constantly working to expand our tooling and capabilities to service the varied designs.

Grinding: We offer both manual and automated options for grinding grip and thread diameters. Capabilities are based on size and design. Additional options:

  • Cut off
  • Face
  • Chamfer
  • Drill
  • Heat treat. (We maintain key partnerships with heat treating providers in order to streamline the process and improve turnaround.)


Manual grinding: Through-Feed and In-Feed

OD: .160 to 1.000             

Lengths: up to 10”

Quantities: less than 2000

Equipment: #2 centerless grinders

Automated production grinding

OD: .160 to .750

Lengths: .625 to 4.000”

Quantities: 2000+

Equipment: #2 automated centerless grinders with feeders


OD: .160 to .750

Lengths: 4 to 7”

Quantities: 200+

Equipment: Hwacheon cutex CNC Lathe

Quality Inspection

Equipment: Keyence IM-7000 Image Dimension Measurement System

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